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How to manage your Widgets

To manage your Widgets you need to click on Widgets (Charts & Metrics) icon on the top right button, then click on Manage Widgets

In this page you can easily see all your created Widgets in a mosaic pattern.

Add new widget dialog


Managing Options #

Each widget managing option can be accessed by clicking the icon.

Widget Options

  • Edit: Edits the widget.
  • Add to Dashboard: Adds the widget to a Dashboard of your choice.
  • Delete: Deletes the widget.


Filtering your Widgets #

You can filter your Widgets in a variety of ways:

  • Searching in the top search bar.
  • Widgets belonging to a specific data source.
  • Widgets created by you.
  • Most used Widgets (are used in multiple dashboards).
  • Widgets not being used in any dashboard.
  • Belonging to a specific category which is represented by a name and color of your choice.
  • Uncategorized Widgets.


Creating Categories #

You can create a category for your Widgets so you can tag them and organize them at your preference, by clicking on the icon in the left categories panel.

Widget Category


Tip: You can change the category of a widget by clicking in the bottom left corner of each mosaic.

Widget Category Change

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Last updated on 9th Dec 2023