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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a Filter Variable?

Filter variables permits you to dynamically change your metric or widget accordingly to the variable you set.

For example:
You add a static filters to view the number of orders made in the month of January, instead or altering or creating a widget for each month, the filter variable permits you to set a variable in the query so you can dynamically change the month, so you can have widgets in your dashboard that are responsive and dynamic.

What is a Global Filter and what is the difference between Global Filter and Filter Variable

The Global Filters is where you assign your filter variables to your dashboards.

You can create a lot of filter variables that may not be useful to every dashboard you have, so the Global Filters function is to manage if you want your dashboard to be affected by the filter variables you create.

Can I share my Dashboard? It does say public... can everyone edit that data?

You can share your dashboard to users you assign them as your team in the Company and Billing Page, if they have their permissions set, they may even alter the widgets them self's.

Check here for more information about the users and their permissions.

If you share to public you can only share your entire dashboard, the public link provided to you will not allow anyone to edit or create any widget. They can only see the data that is in the shared dashboard.

They cannot resize or replace the present widgets.

It is only possible to use the global filters assigned to the dashboard.

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Last updated on 9th Dec 2023