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You can run a Private Instance of Viur in your machine.


To run a Private Instance the first thing to do is to obtain a LICENSE, with out it you wont be able to Run It.

Note You need to Contact us to obtain a LICENSE.


To set up your machine to run Viur:


1º Download and Configure:


Note Right click the name of the files and choose Save link As to download them:

You need to change one configuration in viur.conf to setup Viur (LICENSE), other configurations are optional:




This configuration is required, after you obtain your LICENSE you need to paste it here:

viur.license = ""


These are the E-mail configurations, if you want your private instance to send E-mails:

# Email Server Configuration
play.mailer { 

  # Email Server Host
  host =

  # Email Server Port
  port = 587

  # Connect to Server using TLS? (Recommended)
  tls = true

  # Email Server Account parameters
  user = "[email protected]"
  password = "password"

  # Email Address to be included in the Form field
  from = "[email protected]"


If you want to use Facebook or Google Services you need to insert your respective credentials:

# Services Configuration
services {

  google {
    client_id = ""
    client_secret = ""
    callback_uri = "/api/1.0/datasources/services/google/auth"

  facebook {
    client_id = ""
    client_secret = ""
    callback_uri = "/api/1.0/datasources/services/facebook/auth"




The Port on the left is the External Port, you can change it if you want to use another port.

The Port on the right is the Internal Port that cannot be changed.

      - "9000:9000"


This is where you configure the domain of the Environment:

      HOST: http://localhost:9000


2º Insert Commands:


After setting up your files you need to open your Command Prompt as an Admin:


  • Navigate to where to placed the two files (viur.conf & docker-compose.yml)

Docker 1


  • Use this command to login in the Viur private repository:
    docker login

Docker 2

We provide your repository access credentials as we do for the LICENSE.
Contact us

  • Insert your repository access credentials.


  • Use the this command to start your Viur container.
    docker-compose up

Docker 3


There you have it, if you see these logs:

[info] application - Viur has started
[info] play.api.Play - Application started (Prod)
[info] p.c.s.NettyServer - Listening for HTTP on /

It means Viur Private Instance is up and running now in a browser go to this URL: http://localhost:9000/ to use Viur.


Use these Default Login Credentials:

  • E-mail: (your Email that is associated with your LICENSE, when it was given to you)
  • Password: admin

For security reasons we recommend that you change your Password.

Important Note
If you changed the external port in the configuration file "docker-compose.yml", use the port you configured instead.


Additional Tips #

  You can run it in background with:

docker-compose up &

  You can stop the local instance with:

docker-compose down

  You can stop the local instance and remove all data volumes with:

docker-compose down -v

Tip Check Docker documentation for more commands.

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Last updated on 8th Jun 2023