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To connect a Facebook Service Data Source go to Data Sources page.

Click on the green Add Data Source button and choose Facebook.

To use a Widget that connects to a service you need to allow access to Viur.

If you already have an Authorization you just need to select it from the list, if you wish to add a new Authorization click New Authorization.

facebook 1


If you do not have Facebook logged in in your current browser you will have to log in to one.

facebook popup


You should see this confirmation, you can click on the close button.

confirming a service


Important Note
If the authorization popup didn't appear check if the browser blocked it.


After you select your Authorization you will have to select one of the pages your Authorization has access to.

facebook 2

Don't forget to Press Save to add this connection.

Important Note
After you Authorized Viur to use your Facebook Account and Page you will have to create Facebook Widgets through the Dashboard's Add Widget.

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Last updated on 9th Dec 2023